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New strategic partner: Porsche AG rounds-up series B financing

Porsche AG has invested in the technology and electric sports car company Rimac Automobili and its sister company Greyp Bikes. As part of its electrification efforts, Porsche is seeking a development partnership with the Croatia based company. The partnership aims to support Rimac's and Greyp's advanced technologies and their positioning as the leading niche EV technology suppliers and high-performance electric vehicle manufacturers.

The fast-growing companies employ a total of around 400 employees. Rimac's main focus is on high-voltage battery technology, electric powertrains and the development of digital interfaces between man and machine (HMI Development) while Greyp Bikes aims to deliver the most advanced electric bicycle on the market.

"We are delighted to have gained a high level of trust from our investors, partners and customers and are looking forward to continue working on exciting projects with our clients across the automotive industry.", said Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Automobili and Greyp Bikes.

The new funding round should boost the business and support the global expansion of Rimac and Greyp. As a co-investor in Rimac's series B round led by Camel Group Co. Ltd., Porsche AG concludes the company's second capital raising round. As of June 2018, the founder and CEO Mate Rimac remains the majority shareholder.

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Bold and strong – just like the bikes behind it

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo!

Our company has grown quite a lot since its foundation in 2013 (we're almost a team of 40 now yaaaay) and we wanted our logo to reflect who we are today as well as what we wish to accomplish in the future. After careful consideration, we chose a new logo, one more contemporary and at the same time more efficient at capturing our mission to deliver high quality and high performance smart e-bikes.

We believe the new look better matches what we've become - a technology company that modernizes mobility and adds a bit of fun to it. Since modern technology, connectivity, mobility, fun and boldness mean quite a lot to us we wanted our future and existing customers to recognize it right away.

A small team inside the company worked hard to find something that could stand for all that stuff that matters to us and to our customers. Our COO, Krešimir Hlede said: “Huge things are in the pipe-line and this is just a glimpse of the direction we are heading to and all the exciting news that await us in the next few months."

The new logo will be shown anywhere we're out in public and very soon you'll see it in all our bikes as well.

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New Habitat, Same Fun!

Street Legal G12H - coming soon to premium streets around the globe!

Intermot Cologne, Germany – Greyp's perfect recipe for the street legal electric bicycle is now here and its making a genuine model with the range up to 240km! The new Greyp G12H is going to be unveiled at Wednesday, October 5th, as part of the INTERMOT show in Cologne.

“Intermot show is impeccable venue to present our new model Greyp G12H to the world and celebrate our shared passion for two-wheels," said Kresimir Hlede, COO of Greyp Bikes. “The time has come to share our hard work around upcoming G12H - range and capacity of the battery will depend on the configuration of the bike, but the range will be able to go up 240 km and capacity up to 3kWh. I am proud to see our product has grand capabilities and, by the end of this year, is going to be ready to obliterate any competition."

Greyp G12H is the premium street version with the combination of top speed of 45km/h and noticeably exceed range than anything you can find on the market, far beyond the magical limit of 200 kilometers on a single charge! This model is a perfect fit for every day commuting as well as a stylish package delivering cutting-edge technology and a whole lot of fun.

The unmistakable look of the G12H supports totally new parts such as Supernova lights, which are the perfect fusion of quality and design and custom made pannier rack, which gives a bold and unique look for the street legal version. It also features a premium finish and design that reflects the strong personality of the celebrated and stunning G12S, which was delivered to 26 countires on 5 different continents. A refined biometric sensor remains and is used to activate the bike. Additionaly it can be programmed to deploy distinctive riding modes for different riders or event for a specific finger. Of course, the exquisite speed performance of 70km/h will continue to be a signature for G12S model.

About the Intermot

A motorcycle event not to be missed! In October 2016, when hundreds of thousands of motorcycle fans from around the world gather in Cologne and for five days all that matters is engine size, horsepower, and putting the pedal to the metal, INTERMOT is finally back!

With around 1,000 manufacturers from around the world and over 200,000 trade visitors, motorcycle enthusiasts and media representatives from more than 100 countries, INTERMOT is clearly the essential event for the entire motorcycle industry.

Intermot Cologne will be open daily from 5 to 9 October 2016 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on 7 October from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Admission is free as of 6:00 pm Wednesday, 5 October is reserved exclusively for trade visitors. Private visitors can gain entry on this day with a specific day ticket on special terms. The availability of these tickets is limited.

We have certainly scored with our latest bikes!

Football players and cars are a common association, but this time the story has a different twist. Instead of supercars, Piqué, Messi and Fàbregas decided to take a “power ride“ on the Greyp G12S.

Greyp Bikes have manufactured custom bikes for three of the world's most awesome football players, Cesc Fàbregas, Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué. Greyp's design team made personalised livery proposals, while the paintshop worked extra hours to turn the designer's visions into reality. Since most of the bike is manufactured in-house, Greyp Bikes is flexible to make custom and special editions for different clients – from Police and Armed Forces, to football players.

Kristijan Knezevic, Sales and Customer care Manager shares his impressions about the delivery: “Trying the bike for the first time has put a big smile on their faces. What more can we ask for? I'm sure that they will now have lots of fun commuting to their trainings every day. Their signatures made these special bikes even more special."

“This is a success and great compliment for our company." - said Kresimir Hlede, COO of Greyp Bikes and continued “We are proud that such amazing athletes recognised our product. Greyp G12S is living proof of how hypercar technology can stream down and create a totally new and exciting product - the G12S.“

The Greyp G12S is a high-performance electric bicycle designed and manufactured by Greyp Bikes, a sister company of Rimac Automobili.

Exclusive distributor agreement in Finland!

Greyp Bikes company is pleased to announce a new signed exclusive distributor agreement with KWH Partners OÜ company.

These changes are reflective to our commitment to maintain a strong and dynamic organization while moving boundaries all around the world.

Welcome KWH Partners OÜ to our team!

Exclusive distributor of Greyp Bikes in Norway

Greyp lands a contract with a major player! Wired AS is our exclusive distributor of Greyp Bikes in Norway. We at Greyp Bikes are very pleased to have achieved this co-operation, which we believe will be beneficial for both our companies.

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Greyp just hopped the Alps!

We are very pleased and excited to announce e-T bike Sarl as exclusive distributor in the territory of Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein and Luxemburg. We have been seeking to establish local representation in Europe for some time, and have been extremely diligent in selecting the right company to uphold our high standards and give our customers the very best service and support in the e-bike industry.

Greyp Bike - The boisterous sidekick of Rimac’s Concept_S

Geneva, March 2016 - Surrounded by the Alps and the Jura Mountains, with the views of dramatic Mont Blanc, Greyp Bikes, alongside Rimac Automobili's Concept_S, presented their new Greyp Concept_S Bike on the 86th Geneva International Motor Show, a magnificent showroom for the global auto industry. Greyp Concept_S represents a stylish package that delivers both cutting-edge technology and a whole lot of fun.

This custom bike introduces a fresh design which follows the new “evil twin brother" version of the world's first electric hypercar - the Concept_One and is the most advanced high-performance electric bicycle evolved from the iconic Greyp G12. Rimac Automobili couldn't reveal the Concept_S without Greyp as its prodigious sidekick.

“Our aim was to emphasize the technology and performance with the unique design that matches the new Concept_S hypercar. The electronically limited maximum speed of 70km/h is now unblocked so it can follow the Concept_S's stellar performances. We wanted to showcase how supercar technology can trickle-down to other applications to create new and exciting products. That is why we redesigned and upgraded the Greyp G12S to Concept_S livery exclusively for the 86th Geneva International Motor Show." - said Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Automobili and Greyp Bikes

The weight is reduced to improve the handling and maneuverability as well as the center of gravity which is now much lower due to a different battery and internals layout: lighter components (battery management system and electronics) are placed at the top while the battery pack has shifted to the bottom.

Did we mention that you don't have to bother with keys? A refined biometric sensor is used to activate the bike, which can be programmed to deploy distinctive riding modes for different riders or even for a specific finger. These options are available on a unique interface which helps you plan your rides more efficiently and keep you up to date with all the bike's parameters.

Greyp G12 was the first electric bicycle designed and manufactured by Rimac Automobili, an iconic model built around the vast knowledge and experience gathered from in-house development and production of the Concept_One supercar and various projects for clients in the automotive industry and beyond. After the extremely successful firstborn Greyp G12, which was delivered to 26 countries on 5 different continents, its successor, the new and fresh Greyp G12S, with its stunning performance takes the whole experience even further.

In order to get closer to the Swiss market and to provide potential customers the best quality and prompt service, Greyp Bikes made an exclusive agreement with Sygmalion. Sygmalion will represent Greyp Bikes, with Mr. Jean-Francois Ruchonnet, CEO of Sygmalion taking the important and responsible role in improving business cooperation with the Greyp Bikes.

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Fresh Greyp is here...juicier than ever!

Salon Privé will host the world premiere of the Greyp G12S, the most advanced high-performance electric bicycle evolved from, by now, the iconic model G12. Faster, more responsive and juicier than its predecessor, the G12S comes in a stylish package delivering cutting-edge technology and a whole lot of fun.

Greyp G12 was the first electric bicycle designed and manufactured by Rimac Automobili, an iconic model built around the vast knowledge and experience gathered from in-house development and production of the Concept_One supercar. After the extremely successful firstborn Greyp G12 which was delivered to 26 countries on 5 continents, its successor, the new and fresh Greyp G12S, with its stunning performance takes the whole experience even further.

Many unique and intuitive features are developed from the ground up in order to make the everyday usage of Greyp even more pleasing and fun. Don't bother with the keys, a sophisticated biometric sensor is used to activate the bike, which can be programmed to deploy different riding modes for different riders or even for a specific finger. With quick recharging abilities you will never be left high and dry and 3 pre-set riding modes will provide you with a desirable bike setup for every situation, weather you just feel like cruising down the streets or you're in the mood to win the traffic-light grand prix.

The one of a kind user interface helps you plan your rides more efficiently and keeps you up to date with all of the bike's parameters.

Fresh Greyp can be whatever you want it to be. The electronically limited top speed of 70 km/h and unparalleled 120 km range will guarantee you a predominant role in the urban environment while full suspension construction and 12 kW of peak power, available at any given time, will take you on any off-road adventure you have ever imagined.

Nothing is left to chance, let alone style, so now you can choose between a discreet urban commuting bike and something a little bit more colourful to go along with distinctive style and a bold, sporty graphic that paints the bike's true nature. Meeting your match has never been easier.

And even though they look similar, the G12S is actually a completely redesigned and upgraded Greyp G12. Countless hours are spent on engineering and redesigning components in order to create the fresh Greyp. The weight is reduced to improve the handling and maneuverability and the center of gravity is now much lower due to a different battery and internals layout: lighter components (battery management system and electronics) are placed on the top, while the battery pack has shifted towards the bottom. The G12S features a newly developed battery pack - instead of 2 separate battery modules on the initial G12 model, the G12S has an optimized single-module pack which has a higher capacity and less weight at the same time.

One of the goals of the upgraded G12S was to achieve superior off-road abilities which meant a complete redesign of the front and rear suspension. The components for the upgraded model are top of the line components developed for professional downhill bikes (new front fork, rear suspension and brakes), designed for durability in extreme conditions.

Faster, more responsive and juicier the fresh Greyp is better in every way and the only thing which remained the same from the previous version is the huge amount of fun that every Greyp is packed with.


  • 70 km/h top speed (electronically limited)
  • 80 minutes recharging time
  • range up to 120 km
  • 12kW peak power
  • battery capacity 1,5 kWh
  • Li-ion battery
  • 4,3" colour touch display

  • Main improvements:

  • higher performance
  • higher battery capacity
  • superior off-road abilities
  • redesigned and improved bicycle geometry
  • reduced weight with lover center of gravity

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    Greyp On Tour

    Hrvoje Juric, travel writer and passionate bicycle rider, started his journey around Europe with the Greyp G12. He has planned a very detailed route that will take him trough 5548 kilometers and 9 countries in 45 days. Hrvoje will test the Greyp through the Alps, which is the first and most difficult part of the whole route. The route also passes through the beautiful "Route Champagne" and "Canal des Deux Mers" - both of which offer amazing landscapes and difficult terrains.

    Hrvoje has reviled the reasons why this route has grown to his heart: “The route is similar to the one I passed two years ago on my bicycle when I drove nearly 7,000 km through Europe. I'll be glad to see some of the people I met at that time again. However, I would highlight the Alps, because driving through them is something astonishing – a experience that will be even more astonishing with the Greyp G12 as I will be able to sweat less and enjoy more."

    Greyp Bikes, a Rimac Automobili daughter company, has one very important goal – to test the long-­‐term reliability of the Greyp G12 in all weather conditions trough this very demanding journey. The Greyp G12 is designed from the ground up to combine the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles. It is a bicycle when you want it, or a motorcycle when you need it. With stunning performance for an electric bike -­‐ 65 km/h top speed and a range of up to 120km without pedaling, you will enjoy riding with Greyp. It can easily be recharged from 0 to 100 percent in only 80 minutes – from a standard 220V outlet, which will give Hrvoje the opportunity to recharge his bike several times per day so that he can cover long distances on a daily bases.

    Mate Rimac, CEO and cofounder of Greyp Bikes and Rimac Automobili elaborates: “When Hrvoje approached us we were in the process of searching for independent test drivers for long-­‐term tests of the Greyp G12. I thought that there was no better way to truly test the Greyp G12 to its limits so we have chosen to support Hrvoje's journey. Long distances, hills, flats, rain, sun, every day charging and discharging – the perfect challenge. Hrvoje will keep track of his journey and provide invaluable data for us, which will help us to make even better products."

    Before starting this European tour, Hrvoje had a chance to get to know the Greyp G12. His impression is promising: “For three years I was riding my bicycles across Europe, each year about 15.000 km, all with muscle power alone. This is going to be a new experience. The Greyp G12 is a very powerful and sophisticated machine -­‐ to the last detail. Also, I am surprised with the stability and how easy it is to manage. I prefer to ride in the "ECO mode". With an average speed of 40km/h I manage to cover around 80 km with all my heavy baggage on the bike. Riding the Greyp is a completely new and amazing experience that takes my journey to a completely new level. I'm extremely excited to be part of such a revolutionary project."

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