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Where can I test Greyp?

You can test the bike in our factory in Croatia or at Greyp dealership near you.

You can always visit us at events and test the Greyp Bikes. Please check our events section for more information.


What kind of batteries is Greyp using?

Greyp is using Lithium-Ion battery cells due to their unparalleled energy to weight ratio. The battery pack and BMS are developed and manufactured by Rimac Automobili and derived from the Concept_One electric supercar. So it's pretty much the best available system out there.


What is the weight of Greyp G12S?

The weight of the bike is 49 kg (108 pounds).


How long does my warranty last?

You have full warranty on the powertrain, battery, and frame for 12 months. There is an option for additional 12 months warranty on battery modules and BMS.

How long does it take to charge Greyp?

A typical re-charge time is 80 minutes (from 0 – 100%) by using a standard 110V or 220V outlet. The balancing period (last 2% of SoC) can last longer in case some cells are out of balance. The user-interface will provide you with information about each battery cell so that you can see what is going on.


Is it compatible with US 110V sockets? Re-charge time in US?

Our chargers are compatible with US sockets, and the re-charge time remains the same (80 minutes for a full re-charge).


Can I replace the battery?

When the time comes to change the battery we suggest you to send the bike either to us or an authorized service to replace it. Our electronic components are designed to be plug and play, so it is not too complex to replace the battery, but we recommend that due to safety reasons you leave the replacement part for somebody with experience in dealing with high-voltage systems and Greyp batteries.


Do I need to completely discharge the battery before charging it?

Our sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) does pretty much all the work for you. You don't have to worry about the battery, but you can help to give the battery a long and happy life. We recommend charging the pack whenever you can, no matter if you have 10% or 60% left. The worst thing you can do is leave the bike unused with a low battery State of Charge (SoC). The ideal storage for your Greyp at 100% SoC is in a dry, room-temperature environment. If you use your bike frequently (every couple of weeks or so) you have no reason at all to worry about the battery.

The BMS also offers the possibility of checking the individual cells status through the battery cell and balancing status screen.

If you're storing the bike over winter, we recommend to plug it in and let the cells balance a couple of times during that period. The on-board systems do all the work during charging period. The bike will automatically finish with the charging process and turn the charger off, so you can leave it charging over night without having to worry about it.


Is it pedal assisted?

No. The motor is controlled through a thumb throttle. There are 3 use-cases for the Greyp:

Pedal only – like any standard bicycle

Assist – choose how hard you would like to pedal and how much you want the bike to support you

Throttle only – ride it like a motorcycle without any pedaling

Those three modes don't require any changes or switching of the actual modes. You simply control everything with the throttle which once you try it will prove to be very intuitive.

We are currently working on power pedal-assist and plan to offer it as an option in the future.


Do you have more models for sale?

We are currently working on new models and prototypes. More details will soon be available on our website.


How fast is Greyp G12S? Range? Power?

Power mode top speed is 70km/h on flat surfaces, and Street mode top speed is 25 km/h. Pedaling is not necessary to achieve the top-speed.

The maximum power is 12kW (16 hp) in Power mode. In Street mode the power is limited to 250 W (0, 34 hp). Range is up to 120 km. Please check our website for more details. Just click on the Specifications tab.


Is it hard to pedal when the battery is empty?

Although Greyp is a heavy bike, you don't feel the weight while pedaling. The Greyp is equipped with 2 gears. The first gear (the easier one) is used for pedaling without the use of the power of electric motor. The second gear is intended to be used while the electric motor is assisting the rider. It is very easy to use and you will pretty quickly get accustomed to the combination of human and electric power. You will be able to vary the amount of assistance as you go to suit your riding style and mood. For example – you can solely use the motor to come to work and not pedal at all in order not to sweat and on your way home you can drive the Greyp without any assistance in order to get a good work out.


Am I charging the batteries while pedaling?

No. Well, theoretically – yes. But no. The Greyp regenerates energy while braking, like Formula 1 cars do (Kinetic Energy Recovery System – KERS). You could pedal and hold the brake at the same time. This would re-charge the battery slowly, but it doesn't really make sense since it is very easy, fast and convenient to re-charge the Greyp from the grid and it costs almost nothing.


What is “ex-works“?

Ex-works means that the price is without VAT (value added tax), and without the shipping cost.

We can take care of the shipping for you (just let us know your location and we'll provide you with the shipping rate for your destination) however you will be responsible for covering the VAT in accordance with your local laws and regulations. All Greyp bikes are manufactured in Croatia which is an EU Member State.


How much does it cost?

The base price of the Greyp G12S is 8,300.00 EUR “ex-works”.


How can I order one?

Please send us your inquiry to our email (, or visit our web shop on the website.


What methods of payments do you accept?

Wire transfer to our back account is, for the moment, the only acceptable method of payment. For the time being we do not accept PayPal and credit card payment but we plan to improve that in the near future.


How much are shipping and delivery?

Shipping prices vary from country to country. The rates are different whether you order from Europe, the US, Asia or…. Therefore we need to check the shipping and delivery rate for each individual order.


What is regenerative braking?

Regenerative braking (regen or KERS) is an energy recovery mechanism which converts the vehicle's kinetic energy and transfers it into electricity to re-charge the battery. So instead of converting the kinetic energy into heat that destroy your brakes (like all other vehicle without this system do), you actually charge your battery while braking. This won't, in any way, disturb the rider - the motor is located in the rear wheel and works as a generator while braking. The regen is activated when the rear-brake handle is pulled (just like on any other bicycle). The first part of the leaver travel is regen only and does not activate the mechanical brakes. Pull a little harder and the mechanical brakes will jump-in seamlessly. Most of the time you won't need the mechanical brakes at all, which means that your brakes will last much longer. The regen process is about 80% efficient (that's how much of the kinetic energy comes back into the battery) and usually between 5% and 30% of energy is recovered during a normal ride. This depends a lot on the route you're traveling – if you are on a hilly route, you might recover even more than 30%.


Are there any options for Greyp? Mudguards, lights, different colors?

We have 4 different styles available for Greyp G12S (Substancer, Primal Screamer, Modesty Blazer and Fight Picker) and within each style a corresponding color scheme. Lights come as standard but there are other options available: mudguards, off-road tires, custom design and an extended 1 year warranty on battery packs and the BMS. We are currently working on more options for Greyp which will be soon made available.


How can I secure it against theft?

We don't have any extra safety locks for sale. You should secure the Greyp as you would with any other bicycle or motorcycle. Use high quality, tough locks to safely secure the bike.


Does the battery ever wear out?

Thanks to the sophisticated Rimac Automobili BMS and Sony battery cells, we can expect a minimum life of 1000 cycles (charges and discharges) while still maintaining 75% capacity. If you use one full battery charge (cycle) every day (which is highly unlikely), your battery should still have its 80% capacity after more than 5 years. Your battery life and a number of charge cycles may vary depending on usage and storage of your bike. Details about optimal battery care can be found in the Manual.

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